Reviews For Moons of Deceit
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Reviewer: phoenix316 Anonymous star star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 03/27/2006 05:29 pm Title: Flying without the Moon

I keep meaning to come in and leave a reveiw, but I never make it as I get sneak peeks of the story as a beta. This chapter was wonderful in setting up the isolation Remus would feel, and the distance the others would give him when they think he might be the traitor. Knowing the truth makes this chapter even harder to read.

Overall, this has been a great way to depict the first war with Voldemort. I like the use of the Ariadne to give us the perspective of a student and through her the perspective of the average witch or wizard that is not in the Order. I look forward to seeing how the rest of it is depicted.

Author's Response: Dear phoenix, thanks for taking the trouble to boost the review count, despite having already commented at length on the story. It's not good that Remus was suspected, but that's just a taste of how bad it was for Sirius when he was finally blamed. Unfortunately, that's a theme that I won't be able to work into this story, which ends in 1982. And, yes, we meet plenty of "average" people through Ariadne ... some more average than others. Thanks for your support, GhV

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