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Reviewer: crazymarie111 Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 11/28/2009 06:09 pm Title: Trod by the Gallant and True

Wow, you're a wonderful writer. I just finished this story, and, um, I'm sorry it appears I've read them out of order. I'm going back to read everything else you've ever written now. Are you writing anything new?

Author's Response: Thank you! It's so flattering that people are still reading this story. "Banebrewer" is my major work in the HP fandom; everything else will seem lightweight in comparison. My newest story is "Dagger of Doubt", of which only three chapters are posted so far. Best wishes, GhV

Reviewer: jenemourraispas Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 05/03/2008 09:14 am Title: High Road to Hogwarts

My God! This is... wonderful. A tearjerker. I could see this being canon - it practically explains everything. Look what you've done - you've gone and made me cry! But seriously, brilliant story, awesome writing, and I love it.

Author's Response: Dear JNMP, I am so proud of having made you cry! Thank you so much for reviewing, and for confusing my attempts with the canon. I am hoping to update a few paragraphs here and there to bring it into line with the final canon, but really DH didn't spoil very much for me. Thank you for making contact, GhV

Reviewer: enelya Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 11/04/2007 04:32 pm Title: High Road to Hogwarts

I've always suspected that this series of stories would end tragically :( I have really enjoyed reading them all the same, the charcters are well drawn and the story was excellently plotted to hold together well over 4 parts. Well done! Something more cheerful next time?

Author's Response: Dear Enelya, I am glad the tragedy did not stop you enjoying the series. Thank you for reviewing. You will be glad to know that all the new stories I have planned are lightweight in comparison to this one. Regards, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 08/24/2007 09:24 am Title: High Road to Hogwarts

Well, I feel a little bit better now. On the other hand, Remus was always so utterly emotionally controlled in third year. So we can say that even though he fully intended to care for Harry he was still trying to keep from caring too much just in case, or something like that. I love it when fanfiction is twisted so it could explain something it has nothing to do with in reality. :)

Author's Response: Dear Nox, It's so kind of you to try to pretend my story is canon! I suppose Remus might have run away from his second family because they seemed so vulnerable in a time of war, and he had lost his first family in peace-time. He never knew that they died directly because of their association with him, but he must have had his suspicions. Regarding Harry, I think Remus was reluctant to impose himself - he didn't think his attentions would be welcome. He obviously didn't know that Harry was desperate for a father-figure! Someone should write a story about Remus's relationship with multiple students in that year: trying to help all of them, yet being a little too reserved to help any of them as much as he might. Thank you very, very much for tracking my story for so long and for believing in Ariadne. Regards, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 08/24/2007 12:46 am Title: All Through the Night

That was so sad. Also, It's fanfiction, it's purpose is to not quite line up with canon.

Author's Response: Dear Nox, Thank you for being a faithful and supportive reviewer for so very long. I feel lucky that DH didn't canon-fire Ariadne dead! If ever I write any kind of afterthought chapter, it will be a what-Remus-told-Tonks-about-Ariadne one-shot. I think Harry Potter canon is wonderful and of course I want to support it! Regards, GhV

Reviewer: Gebbi Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 08/17/2007 08:23 am Title: High Road to Hogwarts

I'm so sorry that I haven't been a regular reviewer over the course of the story, but I have been a regular reader. Thanks for sharing this with us. Now I'm really sad.

Author's Response: Dear Gebbi, I'm sending you a cyber-hanky and reminding you that it's only fiction. Ariadne really appreciates your support! GhV

Reviewer: LauraNotLora Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 08/11/2007 03:09 pm Title: All Through the Night

This is just awful! Everything was looking up for a little while and then -crash!- everything messes up all at once. Why???

Author's Response: Dear Laura, Take a cyber-tissue with love from me. The nature of the universe is that the Darkness hates the Light. People who persist in trying to make the world a better place will inevitably be persecuted by people who love power and control. Or, if you wanted a simpler explanation, everything has to line up wtih canon eventually. Thanks for reviewing, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 08/08/2007 10:21 pm Title: The Final Kiss

Oh NO! What did you do? Oh no. And poor Ariadne if she is able to realize what's happened and... oh dear. You've successfully shocked me throughly. You've also done an excellent job of reminding me just insane Umbridge is. Good Work.

Author's Response: Dear Nox, What did I do? I wrote a classical tragedy in which the heroine was undone by the flaw in her own character. The Darkness hates the Light, so of course the woman who loves power and control was going to attack the woman who simply loves. I hate Umbitch. And I am rather proud that, after 80 chapters, I am still able to shock you. Sending the cyber-love, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 08/08/2007 09:58 pm Title: By Love's Light

Yay! The babies are safe and they want another one. I recently read where a woman with eight children had commented that being a parent never gets harder than with three children, only noisier. As someone who wants oodles of them, I shock people a lot. I'm so glad when people aren't disturbed by such things.

Author's Response: Dear Nox, I'm afraid it's quite autobiographical, as the first three children ended up as carbon copies of my own three, and I desperately want another (although I don't have much chance, as I'm already 42 and my husband isn't keen). So let's pledge not to shock each other with our commitment to raising an empathic, generous, truthful, self-disciplined and brave Next Generation - it's what Ariadne would want. Actually she and Remus both want twelve children, but they have to face the reality that you can't Conjure food out of nothing. GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 07/13/2007 01:07 am Title: Withered Away

Ooh, ooh, let me guess, we're going to find The Impaler (he sounds like such a lovely host) now and get pretty flowers!

Author's Response: Fortunately, the Impaler has been dead since 1476. But we would be foolish not to attempt to seek out the pretty flowers. The question is: who is left who would know anything non-mythological about them? GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 07/13/2007 12:54 am Title: Over the Lea

It's like trying to sneak Jews out of a Nazi occupied country...

Author's Response: Only our heroes are trying to sneak IN...

Reviewer: Gebbi Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/25/2007 06:58 pm Title: Not One Footprint

Lovely chapter! So many nice things: Remus getting a spine regarding the bullying; Hannah getting her letter; Remus finally getting over the channel to reunite with Ariadne and meet the baby Thanks again for writing and sharing this!

Author's Response: Dear Gebbi, You are very welcome. The Lupins need to have some happiness sometime, and so, of course, does Hannah. Thanks for reviewing, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/17/2007 10:55 pm Title: The Guiltless to Pursue

Advances, how exciting. I love the bullying side plot.

Author's Response: Dear Nox, Watch the bullies gather strength! Regards, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/07/2007 06:40 pm Title: Blood in the Hall

You are having fun with J.K.'s most fun to spin characters. Umbridge, then Skeeter now Lockhart, I'm so glad you thought of it. Poor Ariadne, her hopes are up so high.

Author's Response: Oh, the fun with Lockhart is only just beginning! He will be more useful to them than he could ever have dreamed. Needless to say, however, nothing will work out in the way Ariadne expects. Regards, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/07/2007 04:50 pm Title: To Range these Fields

The whole bad blood thing was odd. How do they explain things that aren't necessarily good or bad but depend on the situation for definition? Is it just bias? Also, how do they explain the existence of Muggle-borns in the first place?

Author's Response: Dear Nox, I realised after writing this that Madam Constellis only makes sense if you know a bit about genetics to begin with. First of all, she is wrong about blood - the qualities she describes are in the genes, not the blood. But somehow she can't let go of her outmoded blood theory. Secondly, she is a simplistic thinker, as you can see by her many lapses in logic. I suspect she would see a neutral trait (such as eye colour) as "good" because it isn't pathological. Thirdly, she does explain Muggle-borns in her book, but I didn't have room to print the full chapter here. Because the magical gene was originally recessive, when two Muggles who carry this gene marry, each of their children has a 1 in 4 chance of being magical. The magical gene doesn't directly produce magic - it releases a specialised enzyme. The enzyme has three major effects. (1) It releases magical power, which steadily increases throughout childhood. (2) It slows the process of ageing in adults, ensuring that wizards live longer than Muggles. (3) It alters the structure of the genes, so that the magical gene then becomes dominant. Therefore a Muggle-born wizard carries two dominant magical genes. This means that even if the Muggle-born marries a Muggle, the magical gene will dominate the ordinary Muggle gene, and the children will be magical (a Muggle-born cannot become the parent of a Squib). It is likely that all wizarding communities began with Muggle-borns. As these wizards met and married each other, they built a wizarding culture, and after three or four generations, families who self-identified as "Pure-bloods" arose. The text makes more sense to Ariadne than it does to you because she is used to meeting certain assumptions, even if she doesn't agree with them. The important thing to her is that the book explains why Veleta was kidnapped and how she might be rescued. Thanks for reviewing, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/02/2007 10:42 am Title: Foes may Condemn

Well, I sort of assumed Mysterious-Socially-Inept-Stranger was Fenrir. It's so nice to be right. All this ominous talk can't last forever. When is Severus going to learn how to make said illegal potion?

Author's Response: Dear Nox, The ominous talk has already led to ominous action, given that a decent man is behind bars for practising Higher Morality. Snape has no interest in the illegal potion because it's illegal (and helps werewolves). He'll learn to make it when Dumbledore tells him to and not a day sooner. Thanks for reviewing, GhV.

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/02/2007 12:08 am Title: Adieu to all Judges and Juries

You know what's scary? They have a point. It is, admittedly, one point which is overpowered by the number of points on the other side, but it remains a valid point. Greyback could do all kinds of terrible things, but the benefits to the general population would outweigh the work required to keep any nefarious plans from being executed. You seem to have created a legal system slightly more just than J.K.'s. Hers is absolutely appalling. I also wanted to mention my appreciation of the Sirius foreshadowing that happened earlier.

Author's Response: Dear Nox, Of course they have a point. People in the wrong only succeed because they can make it look as if they are in the right. I don't know how just "my" system really is. Smethwyck is legally guilty, but he definitely doesn't belong in Azkaban. Best wishes, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/01/2007 11:45 pm Title: Leave a Man to his Fate

Your Rita makes me laugh! You have no idea. She sounds like I would imagine the beginning of a trashy romance novel to. No wonder people like to read her, there wouldn't be so many trashy romance novels if people didn't read them. Even some decent stories fall back on the "muscular handsome man who valiantly flirts with the woman, causing her chest to heave while her heart goes pitter-pat." If only Hermione had been a handsome man she might not have needed black mail. Also, the idea of an annoyed dementor put silly pictures in my head. First I saw a dementor with an annoyed look on it's face, then I saw the aforementioned annoyed dementor looking down on a small dog-Breed: Yappy-who was tugging on the dementor's cloak, growling in like it thinks it's terribly vicious and frightening. You know, like all small, yappy dogs do.

Author's Response: Dear Nox, I've always found Rita amusing too, and I'm sure she considers herself brave, brilliant and irresistible to men. But a dementor as a yappy dog? Now THAT's an original idea. Maybe fodder for a fanfic of your own?? Thanks for reviewing, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/01/2007 11:22 pm Title: Trod by the Gallant and True

Huzzah! They're back! Please note that I somehow didn't realize that I had finished this chapter until after I reviewed the second one. Therefore the second review rambles about this chapter more than the second chapter. I'm odd like that. How old is Harry at this point?

Author's Response: Dear Nox, Harry is not quite ten and he is in Year 5 of primary school. You will be able to monitor his age later in the story, when Hannah Abbott re-enters the stage. Regards, GhV

Reviewer: NoxSomnium Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/01/2007 11:20 pm Title: Storms may Rudely Blow

What very nasty people there are. You found Rita! Oh that's fun. I'm so glad you thought of her, I hadn't actually but she's already causing such entertaining, hateable mayhem-obnoxious darling that she is. I had been under the impression that you were only going into threes, so I was so pleased when I realized there would be more. I love kids, and Remus' are so cute. I was befuddled during the beginning. I couldn't figure out who this odd random person was. I understand that he's supposed to be mysterious, but somehow I just ended up being confused. Everyone was ignoring him mostly yet his behavior was completely unaccountable. He couldn't possibly have known where he was going, yet he got there. Anyway, maybe it would have helped if there was an emphasis on him being a complete stranger or something. I'm not sure. I really dislike criticizing something without giving any suggestions on how to make it better, so I at least tried.

Author's Response: Dear Nox, Lots of people somehow assumed that "Moon-Cursers" was a trilogy, but I always did plan four volumes. I didn't mean to make the "random man" mysterious - even if he'd like to think of himself that way. The other characters very quickly work out that he is Fenrir Greyback. How he found out about the Wolfsbane Potion will be revealed in due course. And of course I couldn't resist giving Rita a cameo. She will be a recurring menace in this story, although she might do our heroes an unexpected favour towards the end. The Lupin children are loosely based on my real children, although of course the fictitious ones soon took on a life of their own. Thanks for all your input, GhV.

Reviewer: Gebbi Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 05/11/2007 07:38 am Title: Trod by the Gallant and True

I am really enjoying the characters in this series. Ariadne has such a well-outlined personality! It just makes me sad to think that if canon is to be followed something... bad... has to happen before Remus shows up at Hogwarts for Harry.

Author's Response: Thank you for loving Ariadne - she is the central focus of the story. Yes, the outcome will be canon-friendly, but everything will happen for a reason. Best wishes, GhV

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