Reviews For Truth of the Heart
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Reviewer: Lill Snape Signed star star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 12/15/2009 07:06 pm Title: Chapter 11

Oh Come ON Readers - this was Published: 09/02/2009 - Last Updated: 12/10/2009; that is Sept to Dec of 2009 - 3 months posted and it already has roughly 369 Hits/readers and only 2 reviews - PLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEEE.

Obviously the author put a lot of work into this endeavour; this was a really well thought out project of an 11 chapter story = that takes effort on the authors part people/readers.

I don't do very well with reviews myself; but even a simple thank you, I am sure would be appreciated by the author. Even better an "I enjoyed that because ..." or an "I don't like the story because ...".

We the readers/reviewers don't have to go overboard but SOME feed back is useful for the authors.

Either we encourage them or we will not have any stories available to read. (Hint, hint).

Personally I would rather read something successfully done and completed; as is this story.

Sorry for the rant, "shadowycat".

I enjoyed your storyline and felt it was unique. You actually made me nervous when you had Snape in the cave; oh boy. Good going and congratulations on getting an emotional response from me (not easy to accomplish with me).

I enjoy when you authors come up with your own characters that supplement the original characters and where you the author decide to place the original characters.

These are fun things to read. (Plus I prefer the slash elements. LOL.) I gave you a "9" on the rating scale mostly due to the fact that I just personally feel that nothing IS perfect. So do not get discouraged by the rating (it is very hard to get a rating of "10" from me. Think I have possibly given a "10" to only 2 stories in my number of years of reading fanfiction on ANY site.

I just want to thank you for sharing and to wish that you DO have a great day. Bye for now.

Author's Response: You're right, everyone needs a bit of encouragement, and feedback is very useful to an author. Hit counts tell you that people look, but they don't give any indication whether they liked what they saw or not...and it's both helpful and nice to know what your readers think. Thank you so much for offering your support and opinions. I'm very glad to know that you enjoyed the story! :D

Reviewer: zenobia Signed star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 09/11/2009 01:52 am Title: Chapter 4

Ah, Severus can be cilvilized with childeren.
This is good for him, just a normal live where interacted freely with him.

Reviewer: zenobia Signed star star star star [Report This]
Date: 09/04/2009 01:44 am Title: Chapter 3

I think it's time that Remus is going to look for Severus. Marcus Prince is a proud name.

Author's Response: Severus certainly thinks it's a good name. Remus agrees with you, too. :)

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