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Draco Black has lost everything, including his name. Can he recover from his fall from glory and make something of himself?
Categories: Pureblood
Characters: Draco Malfoy
Genres: Drama
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Chapters: 4
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 09/29/2008 - Last Updated: 09/29/2008
Story Notes:
This is the final installment of the Glory trilogy. I apologize for it taking so long. It was partially the fault of the muses being side-tracked by evil plot bunnies, partly the fact that I find Draco hard to write for and partly due to the birth of my daughter. Anyway, at long last, it is here. I do encourage you to go back and read the other installments, but I’ll try to give a short refresher for those who did read the other two.

Summary to date: Draco and Hermione were happily married, or so she thought. Lucius was soon to be married to a young widow, Phaedra Flint. Little did he know that Phaedra and Draco longed for each other.

Lucius, disappointed by Draco’s lack of motivation in business and at producing an heir with Hermione, has decided the Malfoy line must survive by any means possible. He woos Hermione with the intent of getting her pregnant. Little did he realize he would fall in love with her and she with him.

Meanwhile, Draco and Phaedra have decided that any child she bears would be his, not Lucius’. Unfortunately, the two of them are caught. In an attempt to salvage the Malfoy reputation, Lucius invokes an ancient wizarding law that makes Hermione his wife and Phaedra Draco’s. Unfortunately, he did not consult Hermione beforehand, nearly losing her. At the same time, he disowns Draco and takes away the Malfoy name, leaving Draco with the tainted Black name.

Finally, Hermione comes to realize that she loves Lucius and wants him in her life and wants to raise a family with him.

Draco was given a run down cottage and one year of support from Lucius. After that, he would be on his own. This story begins as that year runs out.

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