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Basicly, I'm a big fan of Hermoine /Severus or Remus or Sirius or Draco fics lol... My first ever fan fic is a Draco-Hermione, and though its up at a few other sites(and well liked thus far), I don't think its quite canon enough for Pureblood...So I may wait until I start another Dramione before I post one around here. (I have a plot bunnie idea for one stored, 2 pages worth of notes, so its promiseing!)

I hope you like my fic's! My beta and I work hard on them, but more importantly, this is all about fun! *HUGS*
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He is blinded by the pain, sightless; he feels lost. Even though he’s hurt her, she helps him—Sirius Black, an older man who can’t even see her. Why? For some reason, she actually seems to love him.

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