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I am a Harry Potter fanfic fanatic, I only discovered it after the release of DH. Disapointed that the series was ending, I read some blurb about fan fiction (which I had never heard of before) clicked a link and 'voila' I was hooked. I started out reading mostly Dramione, but evolved and although I still like DM/HG, my OTP is SS/HG. I also enjoy reading LM/HG and 3-somes with SS/HG/LM or DM/HG/BZ. As you can see I love seeing Hermione paired with those lovely Slytherin men.

After reading for nearly 2 years, I have started writing a bit of my own, inspired by challenges from LJ communities such as: grangersnape100 or dramionedrabbles, among others. And now I have started writing some longer one-shots and mid length fics for some of the exchanges. 

I am madeleone here and at live journal, ASH, AO3, and The Maple Bookshelf, magdalena at GE and at WIKTT, and magalena at TPP, AFF, and

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In order to be released from custody, Lucius is required to obtain meaningful employment. What better job could he find, than working in a research library as the librarian's assistant? Now all he has to do, is convince the librarian that he's the man for the job. LM/HG/SS

This was originally written and posted at the Luciusbigbang fest on LJ. Rating is for later chapters. 


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